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Project Location: Brgy. Banga, Talisay, Batangas
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 72 sqm
Price Range: Php 7.3 M - Php 7.9 M


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Bahia By Filinvest

Modern looking house and lot property with sleek, contemporary touches and functional décor is what every home buyer looks for these days. In fact, it’s every young professional’s dream to find such a property in a cool place that makes it easy to get to workplace and access everything that one needs to enjoy living. If you’ve been searching for such a property in Batangas, then count yourself lucky and stop the search. Bahia is your home.

Here, everything is awesome right from unit features, amenities, and the general environment. Also, the climate is just cool, and there are great sights such as the Majestic Taal Volcano and the Grand Taal Lake to behold. Indeed, living here is a realization of your dream to get a nice home for yourself and family in a rapidly growing place.

Bahia gives you a lot of amazing options to choose from depending on your needs and those of your loved ones. Besides that, there are lots of locations and elevations to select from, whether you like the mountainside or the cool lakeside views, your needs will be met here. Indeed, living in this place is like being on vacation forever and enjoying a cool relaxing environment especially in the evenings when you are done with your daily hassled and tussles. That’s why Bahia is without any doubt the best site to enjoy wholesome living. Whether you are searching for a place to live forever or to invest for a few years then sell it later, you have to consider this property in Batangas as it is, indeed, a worthy investment that will definitely give you the best returns.

The town where this project is located is a major destination for travelers and tourists. If you love Filipino foods, then here is the place to get all the varieties you love. The area has the best restaurants and fast foods that sell delicious foods cooked by the best chefs. Indeed, if you want a place where you can live luxuriously, then you have no reason to worry anymore because you have found what you need. In fact, if you want to venture into the food industry, then this the best place for your business. You’ll find amazing opportunities that await those who are ready to take a step. 

The presence of learning institutions, great shopping centers, and hospitals makes this place an ideal area for investment. If you have a family, then your kids will have an opportunity to attend the best schools, get the best healthcare and enjoying shopping in modern shopping centers. If you have never bought a property before, then know that these features are very vital in determining the value of what you intend to buy. They also have a direct influence on your lifestyle. Therefore, make sure you do not compromise on them when making a choice. Choose Bahia and live comfortably enjoying easy access to excellent health facilities, academic centers, and the best shopping centers.

All unit types at Bahia are spacious and nicely completed. For families looking for spacious units, Bahia gives you what you need. Bedrooms are large and will meet your needs fully just as the living and dining spaces. Most importantly, the floor plans are designed smartly but you can also customize them with carpets and other items to look the way you want. For individuals, spaces are great and designed to give you a chance to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you love comfortably and without feeling confined in a small space. Now you know! Act now and make your dream of living the life your love come true today. ‘

Bahia is a project of Filinvest developer that has for many years given home buyers the best properties that are beautifully built to satisfy their needs. Whether you want a place that gives you a chance to enjoy outdoor activities or lakeside views, the Filinvest has made sure that you do not search for many years. It brings you the love of your heart and Bahia is where you’ll live comfortably. As a trusted developer, it makes it easy to you to rent and own space without feeling the pinch since there are amazing payment options for you. To get more information about this newest property that’s ready for occupancy, chat with an agent and all your questions will be answered satisfactorily.

Feel the vibrant and the verdant residential resort community at the Laeuna de Taal Batangas. Here, everything is sublime and tranquil with an Asian-Tropical paradise at your doorstep. The iconic views of the grand Taal Lake and the majestic Taal Volcano are sights to behold. Additionally, the climate is just as cool as the legendary Tagaytay highlands on its proximity.

The Laeuna is a lakeside residential community overlooking the famous lake where it is set on a nature-inspired enclave and poured with the finest and diverse amenities and facilities this side of Batangas. The project sits on a 60-hectare property located in Brgy. Banga, Talisay, Batangas. The project is another Filinvest Land’s masterfully crafted community with designs overwhelmingly satisfied the lust of homeowners for lush greens, lakeside views and great outdoor activities.

This house and lot (or lot only) package has several lot locations and elevations to choose from, whether you prefer the whole lakeside or the mountain side views, and so much more options. This community truly amazed the senses; flex the muscles with its sports amenities and the finest sanctuary for entertainment and total relaxation. Definitely the best gate away for a wholesome living!

Filinvest Bahia in Batangas, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Bahia, then check here first. We have full details of Bahia updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Bahia - Location & Vicinity

Laeuna de Taal is located at Brgy. Banga, Talisay, Batangas.

A prime location is one of the foremost parameters that sell a house. If you must make mistakes when buying a property, then please let your mistakes not include wrong location as it impacts your safety, comfort and financial future among other aspects. One of the reasons Bahia is a highly rated and liked property in Batangas is its nice location. Living here means living in a quiet environment that makes access to your places of interest easy. In fact, when you are here, you are in the middle of what you want and can get anything at any time conveniently. 

To start with, if you are working in the hospitality or food industry, living in Bahia is the best option for you. You will enjoy walking or even biking to your workplace and forget the trouble of having to wake up early to beat the traffic and make to your workplace on time. You can also move to this place and search for a job if you do not have one already. Indeed, there are many job and employment opportunities for the right people who are ready to grab them and realize their dreams. Most importantly, you will enjoy luxurious living in this place as you strive to sharpen your skills and move up your ladder of desired success in food and hospitality industry that is flourishing in this beautiful area.

Your kids will never run short of choices when it comes to schools. There are both private and public schools within a radius of about 3 kilometers from where this great residential property sits. Colleges and universities are also available, and they include University of Batangas, Batangas State University, St. Bridget College, La Consolacion College, Rizal College of Taal, Immaculate Conception College, and many others. All these are reputable learning institutions famous for providing the best education to the residents and even nonresidents of Batangas. You now have an opportunity to live near them and get the best education for yourself or kids if you have a family. 

St. Patrick’s Hospital Medical Center, Batangas Medical Center, Mary Mediatrix, Medical Center and ZigZag Hospital are some of the health centers you can visit when you need treatment services in Batangas. All these facilities are fully equipped and can deal with any problem right from the small ailments to major operations. You shouldn’t thus miss this chance to live in Bahia and enjoy quick access to medication when you need. In fact, you can book an appointment online in some of these hospitals if you have a critical case that needs urgent treatment. Indeed, you have no reason not to be among homeowners in Bahia.

As you have already noted, when you live in Bahia, you are just a walking distance from everything you need to enjoy a happy life. Schools, colleges, and universities are available in numbers as already shown. Besides that, health facilities are also available and provide the best services. For jobs, the food and hospitality industries thrive in this place. So why continue searching for a place to live or rent yet you now have an option? Make the right decision today and give yourself and family the best place to call home.

Malls :

  • The Spa - 0.50 km
  • Talisay Public Market - 1.00 km

Restaurants :

  • Terraza Restaurant - 0.39 km
  • Kumintang Cafe - 0.60 km
  • Buns Pizza - 0.87 km
  • Milans Grill - 1.65 km

Schools :

  • Talisay Polytechnic Institute - 0.39 km
  • Talisay High School - 1.00 km
  • San Guillermo Academy - 1.00 km

Hospitals :

  • St. Andrew Hospital - 1.44 km
Bahia Location

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Site Develomment Plan

Bahia - Features & Amenities

Designed nicely to meet the needs of individuals and families, Bahia has excellent features, and there are also great amenities for everyone to enjoy. If you are tired of a boring environment where you are at the moment and would like to move to a place where there is vibrancy, then Bahia is the residential property you have been looking for in the whole of Batangas. Every weekend or leisure time in Bahia will feel like being out on vacation. In fact, people travel from other places to come and have fun in this place. You now have an opportunity to live here for the rest of your life if you so wish since you can buy a home here and live permanently.

Speaking of building features, Bahia is without any doubt the safest and most secure place to live with your family. The perimeter fence and controlled entry/exit ensure that there are no insecurity threats for the residents of this iconic property. And to prevent fire incidences, fire alarm and sprinkler systems are installed to take care of the situation. You can thus live comfortably here knowing that you won’t wake up one day to find your property gutted down. Aside from that, there are individually metered power connections and a standby power generator to meet the needs of residents living in this modern property.

You’ll also find other great features that will make your stay here comfortable. Finishes and materials are also high-quality and will definitely last for many years. That’s why if you are looking for a permanent home, Bahia is the place you need to consider if you want excellent returns on your investment.

Sitting on a 60 hectare piece of land, Bahia is designed in a special way such that all its units are spacious and outdoor spaces are big as well. If you love outdoor fun activities, Bahia, has a spacious playground. Besides that, it has a landscaped garden where you can comfortably sit and relax after work or during weekends when refreshing. You can also enjoy a variety of sporting activities and entertainment without traveling to any place far away from your home. For instance, if you love jogging, the spacious playground supports that, and you’ll exercise fully or as much as you deem fit. Aside from that, you can also enjoy biking with your beloved kids. You can also get your fill of adventure and fun at nearby clubs that have the best facilities and spaces for you to enjoy.

Indeed, Bahia ranks top when it comes to building features and amenities. If you’ve bought a home in the past, you definitely know that features, as well as amenities, are vital if you want to get something that will meet your needs fully. They determine whether you will live happily or regret spending a lot of money on a property that doesn’t give you what you want. If you choose, Bahia, rest assured that life will be comfortable and you will even get more than what you needed. You can take a tour or make a pre-visit here, so you see what you might soon be having near your home.


Bahia - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 4 M - 8.4 M 730 sqm to 1200 sqm

Bahia - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
2 yrs @ 0 Interest Php 310,000/ mo 20/80
Bank Financing
Downpayment for 12 months: Php118,000 Balance via Bank Financing Php121,000 /mo for 5 years or Php77,000/mo for 10 years

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Why You Should Invest In  Bahia

The town of Talisay is closely located near Tanauan City (18.9km to the east) where industrial zones thrive and prosper. The town is a great reprieve for people who want to have serene and quiet neighborhood close to their workplace or business. The town is also a called the “Seedling Bowl of the Philippines” because of the presence of several seedling banks in the area that supply seedlings of different fruit trees around the country. This is a good opportunity also for residents of Laeuna de Taal to engage in agro-industries.

Talisay is Rapidly Transforming as an Industrial cum Residential Hubs

The natural beauty of Talisay and its proximity to Manila (84 km north of the town), other industrial cities of Laguna (such as Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba) and the abundance of highly-educated and skilled workers make the town the better alternative site for relocations of non-polluter and small and medium-size industries which is happening as we speak. The unspoiled environment of Talisay makes it also the best residential enclave near the workplace.

The presence of several academic institutions, hospitals and shopping and leisure centers near the locality of Laeuna de Taal makes the community an ideal place to live and invest.

The Town Offers the Best Cuisine in the Province

Aside from being a premier destination for travellers and tourists, the town also offers the best and finest cuisine this part of Batangas. The town has several restaurants, fast foods and highly-skilled chefs and cooks trained and specialized in Filipino foods. If you want to engage in the food industry or the hospitality trade, there are big opportunities that await you when you settle at the Laeuna. There are certainly better chances and options regarding how to make an enjoyable and luxurious living in this paradise community.

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